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Who reminded forgetful Sturgeon of her secret meeting?

The Scottish Conservatives have called for Nicola Sturgeon to reveal who reminded her about the secret meeting with Alex Salmond’s former chief of staff on 29 March 2018 - and when exactly she was reminded.

Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP government continued to cover up the secret meeting for more than a year after the First Minister claims to have been reminded about it.

The First Minister said that she “had forgotten” that the meeting with Alex Salmond’s aide had taken place “until I was reminded of it in, I think, late January/early February 2019.”

Oliver Mundell MSP has now called for Nicola Sturgeon to reveal when exactly she was reminded and who reminded her about the supposedly forgotten meeting where she apparently learned of allegations against her mentor and friend Alex Salmond for the first time.

Scottish Conservative MSP Oliver Mundell said: “If the First Minister wants to be open with the public, then let’s see some upfront honesty for a change.

“The Scottish public needs to know who apparently reminded the First Minister of the meeting that she lied about and tried to cover up, and exactly when she was reminded of it.

“If it was a Scottish Government official, for instance her principal private secretary John Somers, then it makes a mockery of her claim that this sordid affair was all SNP business and nothing to do with the government.

“She should also come clean about who else attended this meeting. If it was another high-ranking government official, as media reports suggest, Nicola Sturgeon’s claims that she kept her dual roles of SNP leader and First Minister separate are well and truly in tatters.”

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