Questions remain on Covid vaccine after FMQs

The Scottish Conservatives have called for clarity on the Covid vaccine rollout plans after Nicola Sturgeon left a number of key questions unanswered.

At First Minister’s Questions, Ruth Davidson asked about the logistical and delivery issues with the Pfizer vaccine, particularly around getting the vaccine to care home residents.

Key questions that were not answered include:

  • How many freezers will each health board receive? Are those freezers already in place?
  • What will GP surgeries role be in the vaccination process?
  • Will the government publish a full list of locations across the country that will administer the vaccine? Which vaccination venues will open this month?
  • What is the plan for Scotland’s care home residents to receive the vaccine?
  • Is the long-term plan to complete all waves of vaccination by spring?
  • Will the government set out clear benchmarks of how many people will be vaccinated?

Scottish Conservative Holyrood leader Ruth Davidson said: “A number of key questions remain unanswered and we need to hear those details quickly since vaccinations will begin next week.

“Care homes residents were promised they would be first in the queue to receive a vaccine and, while there are logistical issues across the UK, we need more details of how this can be solved.

“Information on where freezers will be located must be published immediately because this vaccine will need to be stored correctly across the country from next week.

“The successful delivery of this jab is dependent on vaccination centres opening smoothly, so it’s essential that we see a full list of which venues will be used and when they will open.

“It’s vital that not only short-term but long-term plans are in place, and the public need to know if the intention is to finish vaccination by spring – or much later.

“The government must set out clear plans and benchmarks so that, amid the swarm of information, people know exactly what is happening.”

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