Subject choice in schools limited even further

The SNP have limited subject choice even further in Scotland’s schools in the last academic year, the Scottish Conservatives have revealed.

New data shows that since the Curriculum for Excellence was introduced, pupils are sitting fewer exams at S5 in 31 of 32 local authorities.

The Freedom of Information Request made by the party highlights that 266 schools, 74 per cent of secondary schools in Scotland, saw the number of subjects pupils entered fall.

Shadow Education Secretary Jamie Greene is set to lead his party in a debate on Wednesday in parliament highlighting the SNP’s significant failures during their 13 years in charge of Scotland’s education system, including the lack of decisive decision making during the pandemic.

The limited subject choice for pupils, particularly those from poorer backgrounds, comes despite First Minister Nicola Sturgeon claiming that education is her number one priority.

Commenting, Scottish Conservative shadow education secretary Jamie Greene said: “Under the SNP, subject choice continues to reduce year on year and we know that it will be pupils from poorer backgrounds suffering the most.

“Scottish pupils are being denied opportunities to study the subjects they want. Their future opportunities are being limited by the SNP, and that should be a source of shame for the education secretary.

“He’s presided over failure after failure in our education sector and that’s why we will be using our party business this week to highlight the problems in our schools he’s not fixing in our schools right now, and over the last 13 years.

“Nicola Sturgeon never tires of saying education is her number one priority, but the SNP have cut down on subject choice and failed to close the attainment gap.”

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