Vaccine rollout must be doubled – at least

New figures from the Scottish Government show the vaccine rollout needs to be speeded up across Scotland, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

At the current pace of around 7,131 vaccinations per day, the SNP Government will only reach around 313,131 people by the end of the month.

Jeane Freeman said this morning the government was aiming to vaccine around 560,000 people by then.

To reach that figure, a further 11,756 people per day would need to be vaccinated – more than double the current rate over the last week.

There has also been uncertainty about the total number of vaccines the Scottish Government has received from the UK Government. Hours after Jeane Freeman said the government don’t have approximately 500,000 doses of the vaccine, Nicola Sturgeon said the figure was “broadly right”.

Covid vaccine figures will now be published daily after the SNP agreed to Scottish Conservative demands for more vaccine information.

Scottish Conservative health spokesman, Donald Cameron MSP, said: “The rollout of the vaccine appears to be sluggish and clearly the pace needs to be increased.

“It may be early days but vaccines will need to reach people more than twice as fast to reach targets.

“We all want to see the delivery of this vaccine succeed so we can defeat the virus as quickly as possible.

“The SNP need to show us their plan to accelerate the process. On current trends, they’re going to fall far short.”


From 8 December 2020 to 3 January, around 113,459 were vaccinated (link).

163,377 people had been vaccinated as of yesterday. (Scottish Government, Coronavirus (COVID-19): daily data for Scotland, 11 January 2021, link).

That means 49,918 people have been vaccinated in the previous 7 days, from 4 to 10 January. That is an average of approximately 7,131 per day.

At the current pace, that means an extra 149,754 will have been vaccinated by the end of the month, for a total of 313,131 (by including the 163,377 vaccinated as of yesterday).

To meet the target, a further 246,869 would need to be vaccinated – or approximately 11,756 people per day.

Freeman said: ‘We intend by the end of this month, the very beginning of February we will have vaccinated all residents in care homes and staff, all frontline health and social care workers and all those aged 80 or over…That’s just under 560,000’. (BBC, Good Morning Scotland, 11 January 2021, link).

To meet the target of vaccinating the 2.7m people on the JCVI list by early May, they would need to do approximately 20,000 a day (

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