Vaccine doses ‘lagging’ 130,000 behind target

Daily vaccination figures show the SNP Government will miss their end-of-January target by 130,000 people on current trends.

The latest figures show around 12,500 people are being vaccinated each day, well short of the number needed to reach targets.

Jeane Freeman said yesterday the government was aiming to vaccine around 560,000 people by 31 January.

If 12,500 people are vaccinated each day, that target will be missed by 132,758 people.

It has also emerged that Jeane Freeman’s claim that the UK Government had “back-ended” vaccine doses to the end of the month is bogus.

Scottish Conservative health spokesman, Donald Cameron MSP, said: “These figures confirm that the SNP are not moving fast enough and lagging behind their own targets.

“At the current speed, they risk falling short of expectations. The vaccine is our key weapon against this virus, so we will continue to push the government to accelerate their plans and focus on increasing the pace.

“Jeane Freeman has been caught out making bogus claims about vaccine delivery to try and blame the UK Government.

“The priority has to be delivering this vaccine, not trying to further the case for indyref2 with unnecessary, manufactured grievances.”


The Scottish Government’s own figures indicate hundreds of thousands of doses of the vaccine are available to use, and they haven’t been “back-ended” as Jeane Freeman said:

Today’s figures show 175,942 vaccinated so far, an increase of 12,565 from yesterday.

At that rate of 12,565 per day, a further 251,300 would be vaccinated by the end of January.

In total, including the 175,942 already vaccinated, approximately 427,242 would be vaccinated.

The end-of-January target of roughly 560,000 people would therefore be missed by 132,758.

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