Separation task force shows SNP’s priorities

The SNP have been slammed for launching a new Indyref2 “task force” in the middle of a pandemic.

SNP deputy leader Keith Brown said today that the new task force will launch in the coming days, which will apparently be the “final piece in the jigsaw” to separate the country.

Freedom of Information requests by the Scottish Conservatives recently revealed that the SNP Government’s official position is to hold indyref2 this year.  

SNP constitution minister Mike Russell told an Australian government official it should be held before ‘the end of 2021.’

The SNP have also refused Scottish Conservatives calls to drop their Referendum Bill.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said: “The SNP are ramping up their push for indyref2 this year while the rest of Scotland is worried about their jobs and when they’ll get the Covid vaccine.

“They are stuck in the Holyrood bubble with no clue about the priorities of people across Scotland.

“Escalating their plans for indyref2 is rash and incredibly self-indulgent when the country is struggling through another lockdown.

“Their shameless push for another referendum this year would wreck our recovery from the pandemic. We need to focus on building up Scotland, not breaking up our country.”


The Keith Brown indyref2 task force story is here:

The Mike Russell quote to Australian government officials is here:

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