Covid vaccine: lowest daily doses as SNP put indyref2 first

The SNP are putting a referendum before Scotland’s recovery and risking the Covid-19 vaccine rollout as a result, the Scottish Conservatives have said.  

Around 11,364 people were vaccinated on Sunday, the lowest published figure since daily figures began and less than half the number vaccinated (23,371) on Saturday.

Douglas Ross said vaccinations falling by half on Sunday is a clear sign the rollout is a “shambles over the weekend” and the SNP are failing to deliver a seven-day service.

Over the last two weekends, while the SNP’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout has slowed, they have announced plans for an independence “roadmap” and “task force”.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said: “We are all desperate to see the Covid-19 vaccine delivery be a huge success but there’s now a clear-cut pattern of the SNP falling behind their own targets each week.

“We’ve warned the SNP’s vaccine rollout has been sluggish for some time but the latest evidence shows it’s a shambles over the weekend.

“Nicola Sturgeon’s claims of a data lag are clutching at straws when this has happened two weeks in a row, and the figures are not picking up enough midweek to get back on track.

“They are failing to deliver the seven-day service that was promised, and GPs are still not getting supplies quickly enough from the SNP.

“While vaccinations slowed over the weekend, the SNP were debating their plan for a second independence referendum this year.

“Plans for a ‘roadmap’ and ‘task force’ to deliver independence are a reckless distraction from the task at hand and it’s impacting the vaccine rollout.

“The SNP are failing at the most important challenge facing our country because in their eyes, indyref2 trumps everything else.

“They’re putting a referendum first and risking Scotland’s recovery from this pandemic.”


The figures are here - (Scottish Government, Coronavirus (COVID-19): trends in daily data, 25 January 2021, link).

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