Salmond must appear before inquiry

The Scottish Conservatives plan to force Alex Salmond to appear before the Holyrood inquiry investigating the SNP government’s handling of complaints against him.


They are seeking to hold an emergency meeting of the Salmond Inquiry tomorrow in a bid to order the former First Minister to attend.


Salmond was due to appear in person on Tuesday, 9 February, but cancelled because SNP and other nationalists MSPs blocked publication of his written evidence.


They cited legal reasons connected to a court order issued during Salmond’s trial on sex crime charges, of which he was acquitted.


However, The Spectator magazine today partially won a court battle challenging the original order. A judge will issue the new terms of it next week.


Scottish Conservative spokesman on the Salmond Inquiry Murdo Frasersaid: “We have been saying from the outset that our committee will not be able to do its job properly unless we are able to question Alex Salmond in person.


“While we await the full details of the revised order and what implications it will have, I am satisfied that we now have grounds to compel Salmond to attend.


“I would expect SNP members to agree that this must happen, as suggested yesterday by Nicola Sturgeon herself.


“Sturgeon has already lied to parliament by saying she and her party would ensure full co-operation with the inquiry. The reality has been a cynical and determined campaign to thwart us at every turn.


“People may be confused and frustrated at this despicable SNP chicanery. It is therefore vital for the committee shows our teeth. A failure to do the right thing would undermine the reputation of our parliament.”

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