SNP ‘full steam ahead’ on dividing Scotland

The SNP will bring forward their indyref2 bill in the next few days and put a second independence referendum on the ballot paper in May, according to reports today.

The Scottish Conservatives have said the moves are “the height of recklessness” and show an “extreme disregard” for Scotland’s recovery.

The National today reports the SNP’s indyref2 bill will be published in the coming days.

The Herald reports that the SNP’s central election campaign messages will be “vote SNP for indyref2” and “both votes SNP for indyref2.”

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said: “The SNP are going full steam ahead on dividing Scotland with their push for indyref2.

“Their campaign slogans are all about indyref2. They don’t even mention rebuilding Scotland or recovering from Covid-19.

“Their priority is clear – indyref2 at all costs. It’s the height of recklessness that shows an extreme disregard for Scotland’s recovery efforts.

“Scotland wants to get out of this health and economic crisis but the SNP are pushing an indyref2 bill that would drag us right back into another crisis.

“They’re putting party before pandemic and risking Scotland’s recovery. Only the Scottish Conservatives can prevent an SNP majority, stop their push for indyref2 and get the focus back onto rebuilding Scotland.”

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