SNP must drop candidate who compared denying indyref2 to Holocaust

The SNP must drop a candidate who compared denying a second independence referendum to the Holocaust, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

In a now deleted Twitter post, Uddingston and Bellshill candidate Stephanie Callaghan said Theresa May’s plans in 2017 were the same as Hitler ‘setting the scene’ for the Jewish Holocaust.

She wrote on Twitter: “Tory propaganda provides a window into future plans: stamp on democracy. Hitler did same: set scene 4 Jewish Holocaust to lower opposition’.”

Commenting on the tweet, the Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “To make such a comparison is disgraceful and wounding, showing incredible ignorance.”

Scottish Conservative candidate Annie Wells said: “It’s absolutely appalling to compare stopping another referendum to Nazi propaganda and Hitler’s actions.

“What kind of warped mind would think opposing independence is anything like the Holocaust?

“It’s disgusting and completely out of order for someone standing for election.

“An apology won’t cut it for such a vile remark. The SNP should have removed this candidate immediately. It’s beyond belief that they seem content to keep a candidate who downplays the Holocaust.”

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