‘Rebuilding Roadmap’ to launch as Scotland ‘stuck in slow lane’

The Scottish Conservatives will launch a ‘Rebuilding Roadmap’ on Wednesday detailing the party’s alternative plan for easing restrictions, protecting jobs and restarting Scotland’s economy.

Douglas Ross had called for a “faster road out of recovery” on Tuesday, suggesting that restrictions currently planned to be lifted on 17 May should instead be lifted on 26 April, with the exception of indoor mixing.

He said the government should look to “safely speed up Scotland’s reopening dates” in light of the success of the vaccine scheme and more positive public health data showing transmission rates and hospitalisations falling.

However, in her BBC briefing statement, Nicola Sturgeon said the SNP Government would continue with the current approach, despite the encouraging evidence that the virus is being suppressed.

In response, the Scottish Conservatives said Scotland was “stuck in the slow lane” under the SNP and announced plans to bring forward a ‘Rebuilding Roadmap’ to protect jobs and get the country back to normality faster.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said: “In light of the success of the UK vaccine scheme, we should be looking at a faster road to recovery, while still remaining cautious.

“The public health data has improved considerably and Nicola Sturgeon herself said if that happened, we could look to safely speed up Scotland’s reopening dates.

“We welcome that face-to-face learning in schools is resuming, although later than the Scottish Conservatives felt necessary.

“But there is still not enough emphasis on the impact of these restrictions on mental health, physical health and family finances. It’s disappointing that has been overlooked despite the more encouraging public health data.

“Instead of reacting to more positive data, we are stuck in the slow lane with a more sluggish than necessary return to normality.

“Our Rebuilding Roadmap will outline plans for a more optimistic path out of this pandemic by safely easing restrictions more quickly, supporting jobs, backing business, and focussing 100% on recovery.

“We are facing a looming jobs crisis. Now is the time to start tackling the mammoth task of rebuilding our economy, not dragging Scotland back to the uncertainty of another referendum.”

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