SNP manifesto needs Scottish Budget to double – at least

The Scottish Budget would need to at least double for the SNP to implement their manifesto, according to Scottish Conservative analysis.

Costings by the Scottish Conservatives found the SNP’s spending plans totalled £95 billion in a single year.

Their manifesto does not include many existing Scottish Budget commitments, which would drive the cost even higher. The SNP produced no costings of their own.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies last night raised questions about the affordability of the SNP manifesto, which they said would “require tricky trade-offs” in the form of “unspoken tax rises” or “cuts to at least some other areas of public spending.”

The cost to introduce Universal Basic Income alone could reach £58 billion, according to Scottish Government civil servants, and the four-day week proposal would cost taxpayers more than £3 billion a year.


Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said: “This is the SNP’s White Paper for independence all over again. Nicola Sturgeon is trying to deceive voters into supporting another referendum.

“Her plans for independence relied on fantasy economics and this analysis shows that the SNP’s 2021 manifesto is just as misleading.

“It’s clear the SNP manifesto is not remotely credible. It’s a fantasy wish list in pursuit of another referendum.

“The SNP reject scrutiny at every turn. We did more to cost their manifesto than they did, as the ruling party of government.

“We should all be fully focussed on rebuilding Scotland with credible plans to create jobs, rebuild our economy and fully fund essential public services including our schools, hospitals and local councils.”

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