Economic case for independence ‘weaker than ever’

The SNP’s economic case for independence is “weaker than ever” and their plan for another referendum would “smash Scotland’s fragile economic recovery into pieces”, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

In last night’s Channel 4 debate, Nicola Sturgeon was again challenged over the lack of any economic case for independence and SNP candidate Emma Harper’s comment that “jobs can be created if a border is created” between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Visiting a glass engraving business in East Kilbride today, Douglas Ross said “the SNP’s plans for another referendum would smash Scotland’s fragile economic recovery into pieces.”

He said the SNP’s push for another referendum in the “recovery phase” would send Scotland’s economy into chaos.

The Scottish Conservatives manifesto aims to end unemployment with plans for ongoing rates relief for small businesses, £500 Retrain to Rebuild grants, Job Security Councils, Rapid Retraining Courses, an Enterprise Bill, a Green Growth jobs plan, a new Scottish Exporting Institute, and a ‘Scotland First’ approach to public procurement.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said: “The SNP’s economic case for independence is weaker than ever.

“Nicola Sturgeon’s White Paper was based on fantasy oil figures and that plan would have left Scotland facing super-charged austerity, if we hadn’t voted no in 2014.

“Now the SNP are demanding another referendum in the first half of the Scottish Parliament without even a fag packet calculation of how to pay for Covid recovery.

“It is the strength of the United Kingdom seeing us through this crisis, through the UK furlough scheme and UK vaccination programme. The nationalists would have us break away from that stability, just when we need to stick together the most.

“The SNP’s plans for another referendum would smash Scotland’s fragile economic recovery into pieces. Our efforts to protect jobs would be shattered and Scotland’s economy would descend into chaos.

“The choice facing voters is crystal clear – referendum or recovery. If pro-UK voters unite and use their party list vote on the peach ballot paper for the Scottish Conservatives, we can stop another referendum and start rebuilding Scotland’s economy.”

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