Polls show stopping SNP majority and indyref2 ‘hinges on pro-UK peach vote lending’

The Scottish Conservatives have appealed for pro-UK voters to lend the party their peach ballots “just this once” after more polls showed the SNP on course for a majority.

Annie Wells, a former Labour voter, said all the evidence shows that stopping an SNP majority depends on pro-UK voters lending their peach ballots to the Scottish Conservatives.

She added that a peach vote for Labour was a “wasted vote if you want to prevent an SNP majority and indyref2.”

Both the Sunday Times and Sunday Herald polls today show the Scottish Conservatives in clear second place.

The party has a five and six point advantage on the list vote over Labour, who are headed for their worst result at Holyrood, with their vote share declining again.

Today’s results mean 20 polls since March show the Scottish Conservatives with a clear lead on the crucial list vote and Labour unable to prevent an SNP majority.

Scottish Conservative candidate for Glasgow, Annie Wells, said: “Where I’m from, everyone used to vote Labour. But both of Sunday’s polls show that they are on course for their worst result ever.

“We’ve now seen 20 polls in the last few months confirm a vote for Labour can’t help deliver a Scottish Parliament focused on Scotland’s recovery.

“The fact is that a peach ballot for Labour is a wasted vote if you want to prevent an SNP majority and stop indyref2. They have no hope of challenging the SNP on the regional list.

“So I’m asking everyone like me who grew up supporting Labour to lend the Scottish Conservatives their peach ballots.

“In just four day’s time, the future of the Union hinges on pro-UK voters tactically voting for the Scottish Conservatives with their peach party list ballot, even if it’s just this once.

“All the evidence shows there is only one way to guarantee that the SNP don’t get another referendum – lending the Scottish Conservatives your peach party list votes.”

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said: “These polls show the clear threat of an SNP majority that would wreck Scotland’s recovery.

“An SNP majority is a guarantee of another independence referendum because they’ve been clear they intend to hold indyref2 no matter what the UK Government says.

“If pro-UK voters come together and use their peach ballots for the Scottish Conservatives, we can get all of the focus back to where it belongs – rebuilding Scotland.

“By uniting, we can deliver a Scottish Parliament 100% focussed on protecting jobs, supporting our NHS and improving local schools and services.”

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