Green ‘extremists’ a threat to Scotland’s recovery

The “extremist” Greens joining the SNP Government is a threat to Scotland’s recovery from Covid, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

An SNP-Green deal will reportedly be announced today (Friday), according to a message sent to Green party members last week.

Reports said that the message announcing details of the agreement would be sent to members on 20 August.

Scottish Conservative analysis of the Greens manifesto found a number of “rash” policies that would hammer drivers and “start a war on working Scotland.”

Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport, Liam Kerr MSP, said: “An SNP-Green deal is dire news for workers and businesses.

“The Green extremists don’t belong anywhere near government. Their manifesto is a doctrine to start a war on working Scotland.

“Drivers would be hammered by their rash proposals. The Greens want to scrap essential road projects and force most cars off the road within just a few years.

“Patrick Harvie will push for the end of the oil and gas industry at the first chance he gets, abandoning the 100,000 jobs which depend on it. They have no interest in energy transition. They want an unfair conclusion of our North Sea sector which is developing the very means to hit net zero. 

“They are so out-of-touch that they want to hand criminals more rights and bring in punishing restrictions to prevent people from selling their own homes.

“Scotland’s economic recovery from Covid will be under threat from the Greens’ anti-business, anti-jobs ideology.

“The SNP have lost the plot if they think it’s right that the Greens will have a seat at the government table while businesses, drivers, the oil and gas industry and normal hardworking people are shunted to the side.

“This deal is just another way for the SNP to push for another divisive referendum. The Scottish Conservatives will stand up for workers and families against this nationalist coalition of chaos.”



Reports of a deal being sent to Green members on August 20 was reported here:


2021 manifesto commitments:

  • The Green want to introduce an escalator that increases tax with each flight. “The Scottish Greens will replace air passenger duty with a frequent flyer levy… Every passenger in Scotland will pay nothing for their first return flight in a 12-month period, with the levy incrementally rising for each additional flight after that.” p19
  • The Greens want to stop building all new roads. “We will cease funding road building projects that add capacity to the network” p20
  • The Greens would introduce a 20mph “default speed limit” in all villages, towns and cities.  “Introduce a 20mph default speed limit in built-up areas” p20
  • The Greens would stop new petrol and diesel car sales in five years’ time. “Ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2026.” p21


  • The Greens would stop people from selling their home unless they pay for costly efficiency refurbishments. “Require all private sector homes to meet at least EPC C at the point of sale of major refurbishment from 2025.” p24
  • The Greens want to scrap the British Transport Police. “Support full integration of British Transport Police with Police Scotland to ensure they are subject to democratically elected scrutiny” (p85). 
  • The Greens want to create a “framework of rights” for prisoners and improve their living conditions. “Improve living conditions for prisoners by bringing forward a framework of rights” (p87).
  • The Greens oppose carbon capture even though it could reduce emissions. “Oppose public investment in carbon capture and storage (CCS) as it is unproven and the vast majority of projects are linked to enhanced oil recovery.” p16

Older manifestos:

  • The Greens want to leave NATO. “Support steps towards removing all nuclear weapons from Europe and advocate withdrawing from NATO” EU Elections Manifesto 2019, p12
  • The Greens want to ban pavement parking. “Ban pavement parking. Green MSPs will work with the Scottish Government to legislate against parking on pavements.” Holyrood Manifesto 2016, p40
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