Hundreds of families across Scotland living in temporary accommodation for more than three years

The SNP are slamming the door in the faces of families who are looking for a permanent home as figures revealed hundreds have been living in temporary accommodation for more than three years.

The Scottish Conservatives have described the situation as a “national disgrace”, calling on the SNP Government to eliminate rough sleeping by the end of this parliament.

It comes as new statistics from a parliamentary response to Scottish Conservative housing spokesperson Miles Briggs has revealed 275 families have been living in temporary accommodation for at least three years.

He has urged the SNP Government to build more social housing in a bid to prevent families spending years in “grossly insecure” and poor quality accommodation.

The figures also show more than 900 have been waiting for at least two years for a permanent home while an additional 5,000 have been waiting more than a year.


Scottish Conservative housing spokesperson, Miles Briggs, said: “These figures are absolutely tragic and illustrate the social housing crisis that has occurred under the SNP Government’s mismanagement.

“The SNP have shamelessly cut over £250 million from the social housing budget and this alarming situation will only get worse until they sit up and take notice of the desperate situation they have created.

“Despite having 14 years to act, the SNP have slammed the doors in the faces of thousands of families who are pleading for permanent accommodation – it’s a national disgrace.

“Having a safe, secure, permanent home is the bedrock for families but the SNP Government have again shown they only care about independence, slumping so low that they have to team up with the Greens to do so.

“The Scottish Conservatives have pushed for assistance in obtaining private sector tenancies, a review of the law governing homelessness prevention, and the introduction of ambitious housebuilding targets.

“It’s high time the SNP ditch their independence obsession and focus on what matters to the people of Scotland.”

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