Fife Conservatives Call for Restored Recycling Centre Reopening

Ahead of a crucial meeting on September 2nd, the Conservative Group on Fife Council has called for the full restoration of Recycling Centre opening hours and of the regulations that existed before the pandemic. In particular, that includes the end to the need to book.

Group leader, Cllr Dave Dempsey said “There’s a continuing widespread demand from the public for an end to the booking system at the Council’s Recycling Centres. It was a measure introduced to combat Covid but it’s no longer needed. The Council rightly wants the public to recycle. The public themselves want to recycle. We should be making it as easy as possible.

“Once the booking system has gone, we should look closely at the other restrictions, such as types of trailer and bans on pedestrians. The idea that, during a climate emergency, someone living near a Recycling Centre should have to drive there is daft unless there’s a very strong safety aspect.

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