Scottish Conservatives to vote against Green ministers

The Scottish Conservatives will vote against “extremist” Green ministers joining the SNP Government.

Both SNP and Green party members have now voted in favour of the deal, which will see the Greens move from an opposition party to join the government.

Green party leaders Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater will reportedly be handed ministerial roles in the new nationalist coalition.

Under the Scottish Green party constitution, the SNP-Green deal is defined as a coalition. Former Green MSP Andy Wightman has also said it is “functionally a coalition”.

The Scottish Conservatives have called for the Greens to lose rights reserved for opposition parties.

Scottish Conservative Chief Whip, Stephen Kerr MSP, said: “We cannot accept the Greens’ ludicrous attempt to game the system by being in government and opposition at the same time. This nationalist deal is a coalition, according to the Greens’ own constitution. It will see the Greens join the government and be bound by agreement to support the SNP in votes.

“The Greens cannot have their cake and eat it. The Scottish Parliament will be weakened if they are allowed to hold government office and retain the rights of opposition parties, including receiving additional funds and a key position at First Minister’s Questions.

“As we deliver our recovery, we also cannot endorse extreme Scottish Government ministers who would recklessly risk jobs and businesses. Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater freely admit that they want to hold back our economy. They have said themselves they are against “endless economic growth”.

“The extremist Greens are not fit for office. They’re a danger to Scotland’s economic recovery with their anti-jobs, anti-business ideological agenda. Only the Scottish Conservatives will stand up to the serious economic threat posed by this nationalist coalition of chaos.”


Andy Wightman’s tweet calling the deal a coalition and referencing the Scottish Greens constitution is here:

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