Vaccine passport plan ‘increasingly unworkable’

The SNP’s vaccine passport plan looks “increasingly unworkable”, according to the Scottish Conservatives.

The party’s Covid Recovery spokesman Murdo Fraser said the SNP have “no answers and no detail” on the proposal, just days before it comes to a Scottish Parliament vote. 

He criticised the “last minute” and “shambolic” way the policy had been developed, with no input from businesses.

Murdo Fraser said the party were waiting on answers to key questions about the scheme including over its administration, infrastructure, financial repercussions, and the likelihood of fraud. 

The Scottish Conservatives have said they will fully scrutinise the proposals before deciding which way to vote on Thursday.

Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Covid Recovery, Murdo Fraser MSP, said: “Just days before the Scottish Parliament is expected to make a decision, the SNP Government has provided no answers and no detail about what they’re planning. 

“We are extremely sceptical about vaccine passports and entirely opposed to any attempt to make them a permanent feature. The SNP cannot use this vote as a proxy to prolong Covid powers that were supposed to be temporary. 

“These proposals appear increasingly unworkable. Key decisions have clearly been left to the last minute in the SNP’s usual rushed, shambolic way.

“Businesses were left in the dark and the plan had no input from most key industries who will be affected by the plan. 

“We need more answers on what exactly this proposal aims to achieve, how fraud will be prevented, what infrastructure will be in place and when, what financial support will be available, and how the scheme will be administered.”

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