Sturgeon puts Greens coalition over North East workers

Nicola Sturgeon is putting her coalition with the Scottish Greens ahead of the livelihoods of workers in the North East, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

At First Minister’s Questions, Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross highlighted the claim by her ministerial colleague, Patrick Harvie, that supporting oil and gas is now a policy only of the hard right.

Douglas Ross condemned the jubilant reaction of the Scottish Greens to the news that Shell had pulled out of the Cambo project last week, and the fact that the Scottish Government now contained ministers who actively opposed jobs and investment coming to Scotland.

The Scottish Greens have repeatedly boasted about forcing the SNP – who previously based their economic case for independence on ‘Scotland’s Oil’ - to change their policy. Their point was proved when the First Minister recently spoke out in opposition to the Cambo project going ahead.

Douglas Ross also pointed out the Scottish Greens’ opposition to any new road building and their extremist economic views, and voiced his concern at their increasing, and malign, influence on the Scottish Government. 

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross MSP, said: “Last week, when we heard that oil and gas jobs may be at risk, the First Minister’s coalition partners celebrated.

“Patrick Harvie, a Scottish Government minister, claimed that supporting oil and gas is now a policy of the hard right.

“Those statements are an insult to every worker in the North Sea sector.

“They must be condemned by the First Minister, but we know they won’t be – because, as the Greens keep boasting, they’ve forced the SNP into a ‘massive change in direction’ over oil and gas.

“For the first time, we now have Scottish Government ministers who want fewer jobs and less investment in Scotland.

“It’s clear the First Minister is putting the SNP’s coalition with the extremist Scottish Greens ahead of the jobs of North East workers.


“The Scottish Greens are against building any new roads; they want to stop people driving cars who can’t get to work without them. 

“The Greens believe that ‘economic growth is no longer possible’. They’ve even said that governments can’t run out of money.

“Now that these extreme economic views are at the heart of government, it’s just a matter of time before the First Minister abandons more Scottish workers the way she’s abandoned the oil and gas industry.”

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