SNP agree to Scottish Conservative calls for mass vaccine centres and business support

The SNP have agreed to Scottish Conservative demands to bring in mass vaccination centres and extra funding for businesses who have lost out because of Covid guidance.

In her Covid update on Tuesday, Nicola Sturgeon said: “Additional venues for vaccination are also being identified. This will include mass vaccination centres in areas where this is considered appropriate.”

The Scottish Conservatives have repeatedly called for mass vaccination centres for several weeks.

The First Minister also said businesses would receive £100m of emergency funding. 

On Monday, the Scottish Conservatives had called for a short-term cancellation compensation fund for businesses who had lost out.


On mass vaccination centres, Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross said: "The vaccine booster scheme is going well and the volunteers and staff deserve our utmost thanks - but we need it to go even faster now to stop the spread of Omicron.

"Week after week, we asked Nicola Sturgeon to consider bringing in mass vaccination centres - and only now has this been accepted.

"This u-turn is welcome but the government's delay has cost vital time - and now they are scrambling to find venues at the last minute."


On business support, Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross said: "We said yesterday that the Scottish Government had the cash to support businesses and it's very welcome that they've now accepted that and used the funding at their disposal.

"Many Scottish businesses have been hammered by the change in guidance and it was vital that the SNP Government gave them extra support to prevent job losses.

"We need to know when this funding will come forward. Small businesses are crying out for help now and they need to know this money will reach them before Christmas."

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