FMQs: Pressure on ‘too cautious’ Sturgeon over self-isolation rules

The Scottish Conservatives have again urged the SNP Government to change self-isolation rules that could “grind essential services and the economy to a halt”.

At First Minister’s Questions, Douglas Ross said the current rules are “not sustainable” and “too cautious”.

He said the evidence from the new “game-changing” study of Omicron meant it was even more necessary to ease self-isolation rules.

The Scottish Conservatives previously called for changes to self-isolation rules during Covid updates in the Scottish Parliament on 14 and 21 December.

The party has said household contacts should be able to end self-isolation with a negative test, and the 10-day self-isolation period should be reduced to seven if someone tests negative twice.

Douglas Ross also asked if clinical advice to the Scottish Government was at odds with the clinical advice to the UK Government. Nicola Sturgeon did not answer.

Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross said: “The current self-isolation rules could grind essential services and the economy to a halt.

“We understand the need for caution - but the current rules are not sustainable.

“The current rules are forcing whole families and households to self-isolate for ten days, even though they’ve tested negative. The First Minister failed to justify that position.

“The changes we’re calling for are necessary to protect essential services and our economy.

“The First Minister wants to be cautious - but this seems too cautious.

“This level of caution belonged before we had the data that this new, game-changing study has provided.

“If the Scottish Government is receiving different clinical advice to the UK Government, they should make that clear.”

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