2000 accidents on key trunk roads in last five years

Nearly 2,000 accidents have occurred on roads in need of urgent upgrades across Scotland in the last five years, the Scottish Conservatives can reveal.

Shadow Transport Minister Graham Simpson says the new figures “makes the case undeniable” for the SNP-Green Government to invest in upgrading or dualling these key routes.

Between 2016 and 2020, 1,986 accidents took place on routes including the A9, A96, A75, A77, A1, A82, A83 and A90. Over 100 of these accidents led to fatalities.

The SNP-Green coalition voted against a Scottish Conservative motion last month calling on these roads to be upgraded.

Graham Simpson says SNP Ministers must stop bowing to the demands of their “extremist Green” coalition partners and urgently outline plans to improve safety on these roads, which would also help boost Scotland’s economy.

Scottish Conservative Shadow Transport Minister Graham Simpson MSP, said: “These shocking new figures prove that far too many of Scotland’s key roads are simply not safe enough for drivers who use them.

“We have long been calling for urgent upgrades to take place on these routes. The case for doing so is now undeniable.

“There was a time when SNP Ministers would have agreed with us, but now they are all too happy to bow to the demands of their extremist Green coalition partners, who are hellbent on denying the dualling or upgrading of key routes.

“Not only would this investment in our road network help boost Scotland’s recovery, it would also reduce the risk of drivers being involved in accidents.

“Ministers must wake up to the fact that almost 2,000 accidents occurred in the last five years and that was just on these particular routes.

“Now is the time for SNP Ministers to show they are truly on the side of drivers across Scotland.”

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