Scottish Conservatives to stand zero pro-independence candidates in May

The Scottish Conservatives have confirmed they will only stand pro-UK candidates in May’s local elections.

As the selection process continues for this year’s local government elections, the party has reaffirmed its commitment to having zero pro-independence candidates.

On Sunday, it was revealed Labour are considering standing pro-independence candidates in future elections.

Last year, eight Labour candidates for the Scottish Parliament election made statements in favour of a second independence referendum. No Scottish Conservative candidates were pro-referendum.

Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Local Government, Miles Briggs MSP, said: “In May, every one of our candidates will stand on a platform to protect jobs and rebuild public services from the damage of Covid.

“But we can only do that as part of the United Kingdom, using the strength and security that the Union provides.

“It would be naïve to think the SNP are about to give up on splitting up the country. They will use every pro-independence councillor elected as an argument in favour of division.

“On the central question facing the future of our country because of the nationalists’ never-ending obsession, every Scottish Conservative candidate will have a clear stance in favour of sticking together as one United Kingdom.

“We will stand no candidates who are pro-independence.

“Scottish Labour may have given up on expecting its candidates to stand against independence, but Scottish Conservatives won’t stop fighting for Scotland’s place in our United Kingdom.”

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