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Over 1500 refugees left stranded in temporary accommodation

There are at least 1520 Ukrainian refugees in temporary accommodation across Scotland, it has been revealed.
An investigation by the Scottish Conservatives has uncovered how many people have not been matched with sponsors under the Scottish Government’s Super Sponsor Scheme.
It found that almost 20% of refugees were still living in temporary accommodation, a figure rising to over 70% in Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Aberdeen, and Highland Council.
Edinburgh Council denied having access to the figures, but having recently housed between 1600 and 1700 refugees on the MS Victoria it is likely the true figure for Scotland is even higher.
The Scottish Conservatives have called on the SNP Government to act now to find homes for Ukrainians fleeing war.
Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Housing, Local Government, and Social Justice, Miles Briggs MSP, said: “This scheme was supposed to offer refugees a sense of stability, but today thousands are still facing an uncertain future without a sponsor.
“It is essential that Ukrainians who have fled the war are able to find a real community in Scotland where they can rebuild their lives.
“Yet this can only happen if sponsorship is being properly promoted, something which the SNP Government is failing to do.
“We cannot be allowed to simply forget about these refugees, and more must be done to settle them properly.
“That is why we are calling on the SNP Government to act now to promote sponsorship and help vulnerable refugees find a home.”
There were at least 1520 Ukrainian refugees stuck in temporary accommodation. Information from 31 councils obtained via a freedom of information request revealed that 1518 people and one family were waiting in temporary accommodation in June 2022. Edinburgh Council was the only council not to reply. (Scottish Conservative FOI, Annex 1, 16 August 2022).
Almost 20% of refugees who came via the super sponsor scheme were stuck in temporary accommodation. In June 2022, the Scottish Government claimed 7,642 visas had been supplied via the Super sponsor scheme. This means that 19.9% of refugees who were issued sponsors found themselves in temporary accommodation. (Scottish Conservative FOI, Annex 1, 16 August 2022; Scottish Government, Press Release, link).
5 Councils had more refugees in temporary accommodation than they have matched to sponsor families. Aberdeen, Glasgow, Highland, Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire have all put a majority of the refugees in their council area into temporary accommodation. (Scottish Conservative FOI, Annex 1, 16 August 2022).
The MS Victoria in Edinburgh will house between 1,600 and 1,700 refugees. It is therefore likely there would’ve been a high number of refugees in temporary accommodation in Edinburgh. (STV News, 26 July 2022, link).
Annex 1:
  Refugees in Temp Accommodation Refugees matched with Sponsors
Aberdeen 200 30 families
Aberdeenshire 2 236
Angus 1 family 135
Argyll and Bute 4 77
Clackmannanshire 10 110
Western Isles 0 0
Dumfries and Galloway 63 99
Dundee 4 79
East Ayrshire 0 89
East Dunbartonshire 4 68
East Lothian 0 43 Families
East Renfrewshire 0 55
Edinburgh n/a n/a
Falkirk 0 0
Fife 0 408
Glasgow 384 78
Highland 245 70
Inverclyde 0 32
Midlothian 0 66
Moray 0 44
North Ayrshire 0 64
North Lanarkshire 51 69
Orkney 0 3
Perth and Kinross 0 161
Renfrewshire 232 64
Borders 10 110
Shetland 0 3
South Ayrshire 0 3 Families
South Lanarkshire 193 85
Stirling 45 115
West Dunbartonshire 0 3
West Lothian 71 74
Total 1518 + 1 family 2397 + 76 Families