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Energy efficiency key to climate change policy

Energy efficiency should be at the centre of government policy on climate change, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

The party has set out extensive plans in its manifesto to ensure all homes have a strong energy efficiency rating by the end of 2030.

That will not only make a big difference with carbon emissions, the party said, but bring people’s energy bills down and improve health too.

Speaking on Climate Day, energy spokesman Murdo Fraser said the party was committed to making Scotland a world leader in tackling climate change.

Other policies from the Holyrood manifesto include focusing on renewable heat and expanding district heating schemes in Scotland.

The Scottish Conservatives said a focus should also go on lowering electricity demand, particularly in the non-domestic sector, and promoting low-carbon transport.

Scottish Conservative energy spokesman Murdo Fraser said:

“There are a number of policies that could be implemented to help reach climate change goals.

“It’s all very well having lofty goals, but given the SNP has repeatedly failed to meet them, you have to question the wisdom in making them ever more stringent.

“Instead, we should be embarking on plans that not only reduce emissions, but have a positive impact on people’s lives too.

“That’s why we want to sure everyone is living in an energy efficient home by the end of the next decade, and that other initiatives to make Scotland greener in a practical and sustainable way are brought forward.”

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