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Holyrood has a choice - make Brexit work or moan about the result

The Scottish Parliament needs to decide whether it is going to make Brexit work for Scotland, or continue moaning from the sidelines about the result, it has been warned.

Ruth Davidson said today while she and many others across Holyrood campaigned for Britain to stay in the EU, it was now the job of the Scottish Government to respect the vote and find practical solutions to make it a success.

However, when challenged on a range of issues which have an impact on Scotland’s economy at First Minister’s Questions today, Nicola Sturgeon brazenly admitted: “We don’t listen.”

Ruth said, particularly in light of a Fraser of Allander report which outlined risks to the economy following Brexit, that the focus now must be on mitigating risks and maximising opportunities.

One example would be to embrace alternative energy solutions like fracking and underground coal gasification, but the SNP appears to want to resist this, despite the obvious potential boost to jobs and the economy.

Ruth also pointed out Scottish Development International has only one office in Latin America, despite whisky producers highlighting the growth of their product among a population of 600 million people.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said:

“The Scottish Parliament faces a choice; put the lion’s share of its efforts into examining practical solutions to make Brexit work, or simply complain about the result from the sidelines.

“It’s well-known I wanted the UK the stay in the EU, and campaigned hard for that to happen.

“But, unlike the SNP, I accept the result of a democratic vote.

“Now, we owe it to people and businesses across Scotland to develop opportunities and mitigate risks. That’s what they expect and elect us to do.

“We could give the green light to underground coal gasification, or expand Scottish Development International across the globe.

“Instead, Nicola Sturgeon even had the nerve to admit: ‘We don’t listen.’

“That sums up a government which runs on grievance and has no answers to the questions that matter.”

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