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FMQs: Yousaf admits Matheson made ‘mistakes’ but refuses to say if he lied

Humza Yousaf today admitted Michael Matheson “had made mistakes” but refused to say if his claim for £11,000 of taxpayers’ money was legitimate and honest.

At First Minister’s Questions, Douglas Ross raised multiple dishonest statements from Michael Matheson in relation to the iPad roaming-charges scandal.

He challenged Humza Yousaf to sack Michael Matheson for deliberately making a false claim for £11,000 of taxpayers’ money and repeatedly lying about it to the public and the press.

Today on BBC Good Morning Scotland, the Deputy First Minister was asked if, as a point of principle, ministers in the Scottish Government always tell parliament and the public the truth. She replied only that they “aim” to tell the truth.

Scottish Conservative Leader Douglas Ross said: The Scottish Parliament investigation on Michael Matheson’s £11,000 claim is welcome but the SNP government can’t hide behind it.

“The health secretary must come forward to answer all questions in Parliament and Humza Yousaf must start to answer questions fully and frankly.

“Michael Matheson gave Parliament written assurances that this £11,000 bill was the result of constituency work and that alone.

“But his story has changed, and he now wants us to believe he was clueless about how that bill happened.

If he had no idea how that bill was run up, why on earth did he claim taxpayers’ money for it?

“Michael Matheson is taking the public for fools. He repeatedly misled the press and the public in multiple statements. If it was an honest mistake, why did he make so many dishonest statements about it?

“Humza Yousaf has been drawn into this scandal. He stuck to the same story even after he knew it was false.

“The First Minister refused to say if this was a legitimate expense. He refuses to say if he expects government ministers to be honest.

“It seems that dishonesty is now official SNP Government policy.”