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Sturgeon must urgently publish all private party emails used for government business

Nicola Sturgeon must be “totally transparent” and urgently publish every email related to government business that was sent to or from her SNP email address, the Scottish Conservatives have demanded.

The call to the former First Minister from party chairman Craig Hoy comes in the wake of “devastating revelations” that have been revealed at the UK Covid Inquiry this week.

Messages between Professor Devi Sridhar – who was part of the Scottish Government’s Covid advisory group – and Nicola Sturgeon showed a private exchange on social media where the then First Minister shared her personal SNP email address with the adviser. She also told Professor Sridhar “not to worry about protocol.”

Emails sent to and from her private party email address are not subject to Freedom of Information laws, unlike those on a Scottish Government account.

Craig Hoy says Nicola Sturgeon led a government that was “addicted to secrecy” at every turn and she cannot continue to keep the public in the dark over her use of a party email account to conduct crucial government business.

His colleague – Donald Cameron MSP – asked about the matter at First Minister’s Questions in September 2019, but Nicola Sturgeon failed to give him a clear answer.

Craig Hoy added that Nicola Sturgeon – and all SNP ministers – owe it to “grieving families” to publish the emails rather than continuing to “betray” them and hide from scrutiny of her actions.

Scottish Conservative Chairman Craig Hoy MSP said: “These devastating revelations show Nicola Sturgeon was leading a government that was addicted to secrecy at every turn.

“Using her SNP email account to conduct government business, thereby circumventing Freedom of Information laws, is wholly unacceptable and begs further questions about what she and other senior figures were trying to hide.

“That is why the former First Minister must for once do the right thing and be totally transparent. Nicola Sturgeon, along with all SNP ministers, must publish every single message trail – not just from the pandemic period – when she used this party email account to carry out government business.

“She owes it to grieving families to outline in full the content of these emails. Anything less would be a disgraceful betrayal of them.

“The wider public cannot be kept in the dark either. We must know how prevalent the use of SNP email accounts was during Nicola Sturgeon’s time in office.

“Her reputation lies in tatters but the bereaved deserve some semblance of respect and transparency from her.”

Notes to editors:


A letter from Craig Hoy to Nicola Sturgeon is attached.


Donald Cameron’s question and the answer from Nicola Sturgeon in September 2019 can be viewed here: https://x.com/DAJCameron/status/1749801518788972801?s=20