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SNP have no vision for anything except their independence obsession

The SNP Government will today be accused of having no vision for anything – except their obsession with breaking up the UK.

In her speech to the Scottish Conservative conference in Aberdeen, deputy leader Meghan Gallacher will also call for the end of the Bute House Agreement, so that the Scottish Greens are sent back to the “extreme fringes of our politics, where they belong”.

The Central Scotland MSP will also highlight a raft of new policies which the party is unveiling at the conference. These include:

  • Refurbishing thousands of dilapidated and unoccupied properties to make them viable homes again
  • Retrofitting homes to bring down family heating bills and reduce emissions
  • Delivering a fair deal for the North-East of Scotland
  • Reopening Scotland’s heritage and cultural sites that are currently closed

On the SNP’s lack of vision, Scottish Conservative deputy leader Meghan Gallacher MSP will say: “Scotland’s NHS is suffering, as are our schools, economy, roads and justice system.

“Yet the SNP have no vision, no plan, for any of them. The only plans they have produced are plans for their political obsession.

“In less than two years, the SNP have set out 10 plans for an independent Scotland. They are not worth the paper they are written on.

“Remember when the SNP promised that education would be their number one priority? Or that there would be a business reset? Or a ‘new deal for local government’? Expansion of free childcare?

“Empty promises – every single one.

“This is a government that exists for one goal and one goal only – breaking up our country.”

On the Bute House Agreement, Scottish Conservative deputy leader Meghan Gallacher MSP will say: “We know that the Greens are anti-business, anti-growth and anti-common sense.

“Whether it is the deposit return scheme or the gender recognition reform bill, they have no clue what people’s priorities are.

“They are bad news for Scotland – and it’s time for the Bute House Agreement to end. It’s not working.

“Not for the businesses hammered by the short-term lets legislation, not for women who no longer feel safe in prisons or in single-sex spaces and not for rural communities, who have waited years for road networks to be completed.

“And what kind of country will be if we allow the Greens to continue to shape Scotland’s future?

“Our past will be ripped apart, our present will be a misery and the next generation of Scots will be pushed all the wrong values.

“It is past time that Humza Yousaf listened to the growing calls across Scotland and even within his own party.

“The Bute House Agreement needs ripped up. Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater need to be kicked out of Government.

“The Greens need to be sent back to the extreme fringes of our politics, where they belong.”