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SNP accused of ‘abandoning teachers’ as school violence soars

The Scottish Conservatives will today accuse the SNP of “abandoning teachers” by failing to tackle the epidemic of violence in schools.

During their party business slot this afternoon, the Scottish Conservatives will call on the Scottish Government to take responsibility instead of blaming teachers and local authorities for the violence.

They will also urge SNP ministers to review the many solutions which have been proposed to address it – including possible changes to exclusion policy – and once again offer to work cross-party and constructively.

The Holyrood debate comes against the backdrop of a survey by the EIS union which showed that more than one in three teachers in Aberdeen had been physically assaulted by violent pupils.

Shadow education secretary Liam Kerr claims the recent surge in school violence should be a “source of shame for the SNP”.

Scottish Conservative shadow education secretary Liam Kerr MSP said: “Violence in schools has continued to escalate, with teachers paying the price for the SNP’s abject failure to tackle the issue.

“It’s totally intolerable that so many teachers are being physically attacked at work – with some ending up in hospital with broken bones.

“It defies belief that neither the education secretary nor Humza Yousaf could be bothered to read the EIS report detailing the horrific abuse teachers in Aberdeen have suffered – and which is sadly being replicated across Scotland.

“The SNP have abandoned our hardworking teachers, yet again showing how badly they have dropped the ball on education for 16 years.

“It should be a source of shame for the SNP that teachers are terrified to go work and some have suffered horrendous injuries.

“The SNP need to stop dragging their heels and urgently start listening to the solutions Scottish Conservatives, the unions, the teachers and so many others keep telling them so that no more teachers or pupils suffer.”



The Scottish Conservative motion reads as follows:

Ending Violence in Scottish Schools

That the Parliament believes that no pupil, teacher or member of school staff should suffer physical or verbal abuse and that every child and young person has the right to an uninterrupted school day, free from violence and disruption; notes the impact that the current escalation of violence in schools has had on the teaching profession, especially in relation to retention and mental health; notes with concern the alarming reports of instances of violence and disruption and calls on the Scottish Government to support parents, teachers and staff, assisting them in promoting acceptable behaviour and tackling instances of violence and disruption; calls on the Scottish Government to support children and young people impacted by violence and disruption in schools and to facilitate an environment in which all of our young people are safe to learn, develop and grow, and calls on all Members of this Parliament to work together in tackling the seriousness of this issue, diligently and without delay.