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SNP told: Implement Cass review now ‘extremist’ Greens are gone

The SNP are being urged to stop the “ducking, dithering and buck-passing” and agree to implement the recommendations of the Cass review into gender care services.

The Scottish Conservatives – who will lead a debate on the issue in parliament tomorrow (Wednesday) – are calling on ministers to give clear guidance to vulnerable youngsters and their families now that the “extremist” Greens are no longer in government.

Meanwhile, Dr Hilary Cass, the author of the report which was published last month, will appear before a Holyrood committee today (Tuesday) to discuss her findings.

Meghan Gallacher, deputy leader of the Scottish Conservatives, says Dr Cass’s report is a valid scientific study which highlighted the shortcomings in gender care in England, and that all its recommendations which are applicable to NHS services in Scotland must be implemented.


Scottish Conservative deputy leader Meghan Gallacher said: “SNP ministers have let down vulnerable young Scots with their ducking, dithering and buck-passing on gender care in the wake of the Cass review.

“They insisted the decision to pause puberty blockers to new patients was made solely by clinicians, refused to confirm whether they will implement any of the 32 Cass recommendations and failed to address the cuts to gender care services.

“Shamefully, former Green ministers actually dismissed the findings of this evidence-based, expert report because it was at odds with their own extremist gender ideology.

“Now that Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater have been kicked out of government, the SNP need to finally put the healthcare of young people ahead of placating the Greens, and implement the Cass findings.

“I’m delighted that Dr Hilary will be appearing before Holyrood’s health committee today. I only hope that the SNP will listen carefully to her evidence – which will be based on science, rather than dogma – and act accordingly.”


Notes to editor


The Scottish Conservative motion reads: That the Parliament welcomes the report submitted by Dr Hilary Cass on gender identity services for children and young people; recognises the report as a valid scientific document, and calls on the Scottish Government to implement the recommendations of the report which are applicable to NHS services in Scotland.