Conservatives Impressed by turnout

The Conservative Group on Fife Council were impressed by the turn out of Council workers on the day of the strike. There was hardly a spare space in the main Fife House car park.

Group leader, Cllr Dave Dempsey said "I arrived at Fife House expecting to see acres of empty tarmac. Instead, there was hardly a space to be had. I expected a throng at the main door but only two strikers were present. We discussed the merits of their case but we came to no agreement. Inside the building, many shared my surprise at the turn out to work. It seems that everyone thought everyone else would strike. It's a real shame that the uncertainty forced schools and other facilities to close in advance.

"Even after the proposed changes, the various state sector pension schemes will remain among the best available, since the state is just about the only organisation left that can guarantee payouts decades in the future. Fife Council contributes £2.90 for every £1 of employee contribution. That £2.90 comes from taxation, which means it comes from the pockets of the public, many of whose private sector pensions have been in free-fall for years.

"There might be some logic in a strike in the private sector, where the employer would lose out to competitors. It's interesting, though, that private sectors strikes have largely vanished because workers realise that the employer's loss may well become their loss. In the state sector, there's little logic because the employer will simply carry on and it's the customers, who have nowhere else to turn, who lose out.

"Let's hope the two sides can thrash out their differences so that the public don't suffer further disruption."
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