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“All Humza Yousaf offers is a poor Nicola Sturgeon tribute act”

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said: “Humza Yousaf could have come to Parliament and offered Scotland a fresh approach by focusing on the big challenges we all face, not the political obsessions of the SNP.

“He could have been the First Minister and not the First Activist.

“Yet instead he has decided to follow in the footsteps of his disgraced predecessor.

“All Humza Yousaf can offer Scotland is a poor Nicola Sturgeon tribute act.

“He’s still diverting public money towards campaigning for independence when families are struggling with a cost-of-living crisis.

“At next year’s General Election, the Scottish people have the chance to make the SNP pay the price for this and their other numerous failures in office – and in swathes of seats across Scotland it’s only the Scottish Conservatives who can unseat them.

“Humza Yousaf’s toxic alliance with the extremist Greens makes a mockery of his claim today to be on the side of business.

“After abandoning North Sea oil and gas, failing to pass on the rates relief available south of the border, and making Scotland the highest taxed part of the UK, it’s amazing he kept a straight face.

“Just today we’ve seen a demonstration outside parliament against his plans to decimate the short-term letting industry, while his statement contained no timetable on dualling the A9 and only a passing mention of the SNP’s ferries scandal.

“Against this background, it’s little wonder just nine per cent of Scottish businesses believe Humza Yousaf’s government understands them.

“While the scandal-ridden SNP are distracted by their internal civil war, the Scottish Conservatives will focus on Scotland’s real priorities – the global cost-of-living crisis, unacceptable NHS waiting times and economic growth.”